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Hypnotic Drug Play

Disclaimer: This is about imagined effects!

This is about using hypnosis to make someone feel affected by imagined drugs. It is not about using drugs in combination with hypnosis. Please do not do anything without informing yourself of the possible risks.

Using substances tends to make a person less susceptible to hypnosis because their attention draws inwards and they no longer connect to the hypnotist. It's also highly in-advisable to use substances in a responsible (hypnotist) position.

What do we mean with drug-play?

The idea is that you apply some kind of drug to the subject and they feel an effect of that drug. This can be anything from drinking water and feeling drunk to much more complex and elaborate setups.

Because the effects are purely hypnotic, it is safe to use and will not cause any after-effects like hang-overs. It's also more broad in application and effect, doing things that are not (easily) possible in real life.

When/how do you suggest?

Roughly speaking there are three moments that matter with this. You can mix and match them as desired. It can also be nice to pretend that them not noticing something is a feature.

Forms of applications

The fun stuff! How do we give the substance, drug, thing, whatever to the subject?

Possible effects

This is by no means a comprehensive list and it will hopefully serve as an inspiration.

Of course you can easily have a drug that does multiple things. Like a muscle relaxant that makes you unable to move but very itchy. Also every effect can both amplify or dull the suggested idea.