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List of Suggestions

This list was inspired by this list by Entrancement UK (NSFW!)

These are all elements you can mix & match. This list is more minimal and focused on the individual elements you can use.

Random combination examples:


It can be a lot of fun to play with awareness of an effect. It can drastically change the perception of what's happening.

Memory play

Similar to awareness, how well can they remember what they've done?

Behavior modification

Behaving like something can also make you feel like something.

Personality modification

Remember to be very respectful with personality modifications. They can be fun but some of them can be very personal/intense.

Common effects

Attitude towards the hypnotist

This can also drastically change the dynamic.

Adult only

These suggestions are for adult/erotic play.

Before doing this, make sure you have very good rapport with the subject and discussed Likes & Limits and Informed Consent in detail.