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Aftercare & Feedback

What is aftercare?

Taking care of a subject after a session. This can be very short and simple or it can be very long an involved.

Why is it important?

Most people aren't immediately back to normal/reality after a session. And the more intense, the more time they need to feel completely balanced again. This happens all the time. After a good action movie you feel pumped and excited, after a sad movie you feel wistful, etc. You don't want to send a subject on their way while still caught in the emotions of the session.

This is also important because being suddenly pulled from a really nice place can make them feel the opposite of what they felt before because the contrast is so strong.

The more intense a session, the more important aftercare becomes!

Examples of aftercare

These are incredibly personal. If possible, discuss aftercare needs before you begin.

Getting feedback

Part of aftercare is asking for feedback. You can't do this immediately, as while someone is still recovering they often don't have very clear thoughts.

Both as a hypnotist and a subject it's very hard to grow without getting feedback. Assumptions are the quickest road to disaster.

A possible solution is to ask for feedback a day or two later. Allowing the initial rush to pass but keeping the memory still fairly fresh.