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Butterfly Induction

This is a very simple induction with only a few words. The really important thing, like with all quick inductions, is your performance. Continue talking and giving the instructions. The whole induction takes less than a minute.

It helps for this one for the person to have something to fall back into (like a nice deep chair).


Example Script

Are you sitting comfortably?

Or any other yes-set you want to do before this.

Okay, just focus on my hand for a moment.

Flutter your hand, like a butterfly, back and forth, left right, up down in their vision.

Follow it as much as you can.

Continue your hand-movements, try to be unpredictable.

Close your eyes and continue following my hand.

Continue your hand-movements, their eyes should be moving under their eyelids.

Now sleep.

Very lightly tap their head (forehead if sitting, back if standing) to help.

This works because the rapid eye moments are similar to what the body does in REM. This whole induction takes as long as it takes to say those sentences.

At this point, it will help a lot to proceed to a deepener.