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Butterfly Induction

This induction is very simple, using a physical phenomenon usually caused by trance/sleep, to reverse the effect. Performance and pre-talk is very important with this one, as with most instant inductions.



Ideally, have the subject sitting down while you either sit or stand in front of them.

No touching is needed, but can help with certain variations.

Example Script

Are you sitting comfortably?
Are you ready to go into trance?

Or any other yes-set you want to do before this.

Okay, just focus on my hand for a moment.

Flutter your hand, like a butterfly, back and forth, left right, up down in their vision.

Follow it as much as you can.

Continue your hand-movements, try to be unpredictable, check to see that they are following your movements fairly easily/automatically.

Close your eyes and continue following my hand.

Continue your hand-movements, their eyes should be moving under their eyelids.

Now sleep/drop.

You can very lightly tap their head to help with the feeling or surprise or even pull them towards you a little.