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Making an effective suggestion

Regardless of the type of suggestion you give, the basic rules of thumb are:

Direct Suggestions

Suggestions without any choice in the matter. Almost worded like a command or something that will happen. The phrasing can be gentle and kind or very dominating and direct.

The advantage is that the language is very clear and direct. And some people prefer this kind of language.

The disadvantage is that the wording can also be considered authoritarian. The other disadvantage is that the suggestion could be considered "untrue" for the subject, which can pull them out of trance.

Feel your body relax as you listen. And the longer you listen, the more you relax.

After you awaken, you will feel ready to take on the world.

When I say "drop" you will fall back into trance.

Indirect Suggestions

Suggestions where there is uncertainty in the wording. This uncertainty can be from the perspective of the hypnotist (I wonder...) or from the subject (Maybe you realize..).

The advantage of uncertainty is that there is room for interpretation. Maybe it is happening, maybe not. In both cases the statement remains true.

The disadvantage is that some people prefer to be told what to rather than what could happen.

You might notice your body starting to relax as you listen. And perhaps you even become aware of that relaxation increasing as you listen more.

I wonder if you'll be aware of how you'll feel ready to taken on the world after you awaken.

Perhaps you will realize that when I say "drop", your mind might enjoy falling back into this trance again.

Not Knowing and not Doing

This is a subset of indirect suggestions where you tell the subject about something that's happening that they are unaware of. This can encourage autonomous response and dissociation.

You imply that whatever is happening regardless of their participation.

You don't have to do anything at all. In fact, you don't even need to listen to what I'm saying as your unconscious mind will do all the listening for you without any effort at all.


Triggers are a subset of suggestions, and very often used within hypnosis. See Triggers

Mixing techniques for more fun!

Of course, these are just basic types. You can mix these with other techniques, like Hypnotic Language and Double Binds for even more oomph.

You don't have to do anything, I wonder if you'll even be aware of how much your body will relax as it listens to my voice. And yet the effects it has on your body can't completely have escaped your attention, because it's even obvious to me how much your body is relaxing right now.