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Little Shelf Induction


It's very easy to forget how you're holding your body, effectively causing catalepsy. Suggesting that trance is already present causes a feedback loop that helps the person enter a trance based on the fact that they are already in a trance (partially).

YouTube Example

Example Script

Ideally, have both the subject and yourself seated at a slight angle. The arm you are going to pick up should be resting on their leg. -

Please close your eyes.
In a moment I'm going to pick up your hand by the wrist...

Pick up their closest hand as said.

And I'd like you to imagine that there's a little shelf there...

Place their hand on the shelf, giving a little wriggle to elicit catalepsy.

...and your hand can simply rest on the shelf like that.
And it can stay there in complete comfort. In fact you might even notice how that same comfort can easily spread to the rest of your body.

At this point, you already have catalepsy. From here you can either directly suggest trance or continue with letting their hand sink as they go deeper.

Notice that as you get more relaxed, the shelf sinks a little deeper. And as it does, you can enjoy that relaxation more and more, allowing your hand to slowly sink together with your mind.

Monitor their movements, especially small twitches in their arm.

That's right.