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Compliance Sets

Compliance sets are sets to get a subject to comply (hence the name) with your instructions.

These can be used both before a trance, to get a subject comfortable or ready to comply. Or in a trance, to preface deeper suggestions with simpler ones.

Yes sets

Questions to which the answer will most likely be yes. After two or three of these, hypnotists often move on to compliance sets.


Compliance sets

Instructions that are easy to follow and non-offensive to the subject.

These prepare the subject to follow deeper commands as you go on. The longer they comply in the positive, the more likely they are to continue going along.


No sets

These are rarely used. However, they can be helpful for resisting subjects.

Notice that all of these questions are asked in the negative. By answering "no" they are still agreeing with you.


How does it work?

This is an example of the consistency principle at work.

Making decisions takes effort. To minimize this effort, your mind will do so based on rules and past experiences and statements. After agreeing or complying multiple times in a way that results in positive feedback, you are more likely to remain consistent in this behavior.