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Conversational Inductions

Conversational inductions heavily lean on knowing Hypnotic Language very well. It might be wise to read that first.

Unlike 'traditional' inductions, these are intended to be like a natural conversation. Leading someone else into a nice relaxed state without an explicit direction or expectation to go into trance. This can be both fun or a nice way to help someone to relax. The techniques/ideas here can also be used during other inductions.

It is expected that pre-talk, etc. has been done before this.

Rehearsal talk

The idea is to talk about hypnosis as something that will 'vaguely' happen 'soon', without defining when.

Alright, you're curious about hypnosis. I'll tell you what is going to happen in a while. I will start to use certain sentences and phrase that will help you to relax. For example, I might say:
"Right now, all you have to do is listen and let your body do whatever feels right".
However you respond will be perfectly fine.

Third person, second person

Telling a story about hypnotizing someone else, using "you" while you're saying.

As I was hypnotizing John, I told him:
"I want you to completely relax now, perhaps so relaxed that your eyes can close down now"
And then I told him: "you don't have to think about what I'm saying, just let your unconscious mind to respond naturally to it"

Nested stories

Telling a story, in a story, in a story. By the time you reach the 4th level, people tend to be incredibly deep. Then again, you can choose how far you want to take this.

There are several ways to nest, like "that reminds me" or "and then they told me about...". Figure out what works best with your story. Having notes about the levels helps!

At the end, work your way back up!

Let me tell you about that time when I went to the library. While already a really quite place, I saw someone there that was completely lost in a book...
... And then they told me the story in the book was very old.
It began somewhere in the jungle...
... The smile when I left the library lasted for the rest of the day.

Three points

A fascinating and surprisingly effective quick conversational induction.

It's really important to initially kind of ramble. And as you do so use as many run-on sentence structures as you can but make it sound like you're talking about something profound. Because the more profound it sounds, the more important it becomes. However it should also remain somewhat vague, ideally, continuing on for quite a while before you move on. And yet, there is some importance to all of this, which will soon be clear.
The second important thing is that the mind's short-term memory is usually focused.
The third important thing is that you've already forgotten the first as you suddenly...
(You can Use strong/direct language to help them go into trance and proceed into deepener.)