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Observing Your Subject

While a fairly obvious necessity for a good interaction, observing your subject is not just needed, it's fun.

A lot of communication in hypnosis happens non-verbally from the moment you start talking. Little signs that show someone is (dis)interested, small shifts in body language that move towards or away from you.

It's also important to remember that no two people are exactly the same. And those differences can be quite extreme. Going into trance can be relaxing or exciting. Noticing that you're following a suggestion can be amazing or even scary.

Embracing the reactions you do not expect make the whole experience more special for the hypnotist as well. Because unexpected reactions means a gift of new information! And who doesn't like a gift?

Remember to verify! Your assumptions can easily be wrong.

What to do with observations?

Discussing or noticing observations are a really fun way to amplify them. Did you notice how your breathing changed as... etc.

Sharing what you notice also displays your focus as a hypnotist and the effect you have on the subject.

Expressing signs of trance can also lead into more trance as awareness of how the trance has been affecting them will build confidence in the state.

As a hypnotist, each little sign can help you realize what reactions are brought by your actions and can trigger you to verify what they mean. Which allows for amazing experiences and learning. It can also allow you to recognize moments where something new is happening and that you might need to adjust.

Every reaction is good!

Things to observe

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does show how many different things you can look at. Also, it's important to be aware that this can differ greatly per person.



I wanted to put a special category for this, since there are so many things you can see here. Eyes are such a great source of information. Do keep in mind that not everyone is equally comfortable with looking into eyes.


The voice is also a really important source of reactions. Most people, as they go deeper into trance, have a noticeably different vocal tone. Learning to recognize that can be very helpful to notice early signs of trance as the voice can sometimes change before the rest even shows.

In closing

It's hard to express the full dynamic range of how people can respond. An open mind and curious approach will benefit everyone.

It's a really fun, amazing journey to explore these unknown lands. Good luck!