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Senses And Props

Learning the senses.

We have much more than just 5 senses. Besides VAK you can consider many other senses to play with. For further reading: Sense on WikiPedia

Primary Senses

These are the senses we tend to use very consciously.

Other Senses

How to use a prop

Like a lot of things in hypnosis, perception is everything. It will help immensely if you make a fun/mysterious introduction to your prop. While not always necessary, a bit of flavor helps the medicine go down.

There are roughly 2 ways to use props (and they can be mixed):

As a focus

I have this very interesting light here. Can you notice how it changes colors? Just keep watching it while I talk.

Can you imagine how each color has a different meaning to your mind? As it cycles through those colors, it keeps changing your mind a little bit at a time, helping you to relax.

It's so easy to stare at it, isn't it?

Continue with further induction/deepener.

Usually the prop (singular) is used as a focus point.

Working the (unique) characteristics of the prop into your induction is very helpful. Does it change color? Flicker? Shimmer? Twinkle? Jingle? etc.

You can even ask what the subject finds most fascinating about the prop and focus on that.

As sensory play

Props can also be used for sensory play or as elements to a fantasy. Often, they are not introduced when used, so it's very important to verify with your subject what kind of props are okay. Are they allergic to anything you're likely to use?

Some random examples:

Everything is a prop

You can use anything and everything as a prop with some imagination. A spoon reflects light. A fork has tongs that feel interesting, the warmth and view of a candle. When walking outside, the whole world is a prop. The sound of leaves, the sight of ripples on water, the smell of flowers, etc.

And someone doesn't have to be passive either. Props that ask simple interaction or repetitive motion can be quite effective. Activities like knitting have a tendency to put the person into a trance already.