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Resistance play

A fun game & induction leading into a very deep trance.

The purpose of this game is to get the subject in such a deep state of trance that they cannot open their eyes even though that's what they've been focusing on for a long time.

You can play this game with any specific action that they should do or not do although "not closing eyes" works very well. Since deep trance often relaxes the eyes.

The setup

This is just an example of how to set this up to your subject. The key elements are the rules: don't close your eyes (blinking is okay) and follow everything else.

In a moment, we're going to play a fun game. All you have to do is to try to keep your eyes open for as long as you can.

Blinking is okay of course. Don't forget to blink.

And while you try to keep your eyes open as long as you can, you will still listen to everything I say and follow along as best as you can.

There are a few key things in this setup:

The induction

Like all good inductions, this is based more on an idea than a specific script. The point is to use as many tricks as you've learned so far to grasp their attention. Some basic tips:

This is about having fun with various methods of trance, not a quick, effective trance. Take as long for this as you both enjoy. In fact, you could challenge yourself by making it about not letting the subject go into trance at all.

Beginning this game means that both you and the subject want to enjoy this. This game can be an amazing playground for techniques.

The inevitable defeat

It's okay to point out that now that they've lost, they might as well let go of everything else.

The relief after the fight is generally incredibly relaxing and leads into a very deep state of trance.

How does it work?

Creating a focus on something we shouldn't do attracts our attention to it very powerfully. Don't press that big red button!

Combining a state of attention to something that has to stay the same (the eyes) with other things that continuously change (the rest), causes some very nice internal confusion. The eyes want to follow the rest. And by keeping their focus, the conscious part of their mind will attempt to hold on until the very end. It's a very nice way to wear someone out when done well.

Similar to an overload induction, once the breaking point is reached the subject will happily let go very deep.


Eyes tends to work really well for this game, because it can be done so easily on- and offline. For these games you do need to be able to see the other person.

Other variations: