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You can do this with two subjects or with an actual mirror.

Basic concept

The idea is that the subjects stare at each other (or the reflection) instead of at the hypnotist. And while you are doing an induction, you also suggest that the more they see the other go into trance, the more they do as well.

It's important that you use ambiguous language that is true for both sides. Rather than using names, speak in you and they forms.

Remember to check in advance with both parties how far this is allowed to go!

The more you see them go into trance, the deeper you go. And the deeper you go, the more they go into trance.

Did you notice that little flutter? How they began to fall even deeper?

When you see them move, your body moves with them completely automatically.

You're so focused on the other than you even feel what they feel. The lightest caress and you can feel it yourself.