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Effects Before Trance

Anything that assumes trance, causes trance.

This happens because we have unconscious connections between the behavior of our body and the state of our mind.

When we lay down we relax, when we stare we zone out, etc.


Flow state/Zoning out

A lot of people go into a flow state with their favorite hobbies/activities. Reading, cooking, dancing, music, art, etc.

If you have them imagine or do that activity, the trance (flow state) follows naturally.


Catalepsy is an effect of trance and can happen sometimes when we forget to think about an arm or leg. When pointed out, this trigger the unconscious to remember that catalepsy happens in trance, therefore you must be in a trance already if it happens.

Rapid Eye Movement

Fluttering your hand in front of eyes causes rapid eye movement. This can be used to quickly induce trance since the body associates REM with deep sleep.

Controlled breathing

If you slow down someone's breathing, their heartbeat goes down automatically. This causes relaxation.