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Handshake Interrupt


A quick induction that's easy to learn, hard to master, based on the automatic behavior of shaking hands.

The more smooth and confident your performance, the more effective it becomes.

YouTube example

Example Script

This can be done while standing or sitting. Before doing this, doing Compliance Sets helps a lot.

Nice to meet you.

Or any other excuse to put your right hand forward as if shaking their hand.

Grab their right wrist with your left hand, interrupting them as they move to grab yours. Turn and lift their hand, palm facing their face and point at their hand.

Look at your hand.

Move their hand a little closer.

Notice how the eyes loose focus as it comes closer... and sleep.

The last word should be said with authority and you can move their hand down at the same time, giving their body a little 'shock'.

The subject will be in a fairly decent trance.

Detail on pattern interrupts

To make life easier, our mind uses a lot of shortcuts in our daily life to not have to think all the time. Muscle memory is one of the clearest examples of this. We use it to walk, eat, dance, game and any other physical activity that requires complex movement.

When one of these patterns get interrupted (for example: you almost trip), the body enters a "shock" state. It doesn't know what to do anymore and searches for a solution. If a solution is introduced by, say, the person that has been guiding you all this time, the unconscious mind follows.

In the case of the handshake, the pattern is that when someone sticks out a hand, we expect to stick out ours, shake it and be done. A little ritual/pattern, that we've done thousands of times before. Interrupting this makes us confused and therefore vulnerable.