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Motivators and Rewards

Motivation is everything

Everything we do is based on some form of motivation. We eat because we're hungry. We talk to people to fulfill a social need.

When we want to change behavior, considering motivation is very important. The new behavior should have a more powerful motivation than the old.

For example with stopping someone to smoke:

Motivation, just because

"Because" is one of the most common ways to show or share motivation. I want this because that. Whenever you do hypnosis, especially with inexperienced subjects, it is important to make sure that the motivation is clear. You can phrase this in many ways:

Would you like to use hypnosis to improve your health?

Hypnosis can help you relax very nicely.

It's a fascinating way to experience new things.

Hypnosis feels so good, right?


Rewards (and punishments) are very powerful motivators. And can be used both subtly and overtly during inductions. It's very important to remember that a reward isn't just an end, it's a means.

While for the subject it may feel like a destination (to feel good, etc.), for the hypnotist it's very much a tool to increase focus, make it feel better and more effective.

Before and During Inductions

When describing hypnosis to an inexperienced subject. It is helpful to state how it feels, how people enjoy relaxing and what their motivation is for following your instructions.

Why are they doing this?

Hypnosis feels very nice and relaxing, it can help you feel much calmer in your head.

You'll find that the more you listen, the easier it becomes to relax and feel good.

As you go deeper, your body relaxes more and more.

Every time you say "yes" you can feel that relief flowing through you.

Compliments - A Direct Reward

Complimenting behavior is a very direct, instant reward and a powerful tool to use at the right time.

The best moment to use these is just after a subject is shown to relax or respond to your suggestions.

That's right, you're doing very well.

Very well done.

Good boy/girl.

Training / Conditioning

Repeating rewards and motivation is how training and conditioning works. If you motivate trance, how good it feels with every session, etc; a subject will rapidly become better at hypnosis.

And the same goes for a hypnotist. The better the session goes, the more happy a hypnotist will feel. Which makes them more confident in the next session.