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Hand Drop Induction

The hand drop induction is a very fast and efficient induction that is great for learning the basic principles behind all instant inductions. There is relatively little you need to say so the main skill is in learning the right timing and being able to smoothly transition into a deepener.


You can do this induction either sitting/standing directly in front of your subject or facing them from the side.

Touching their hand will be needed, but no other touches are required.

Example script

This script is very heavy on instructions because of the physical nature of the induction.

Extend your hand towards the subject, palm facing upwards. Ideally above their knee on your closest side so you can easily pull your hand away later.

Now, place your hand on top of mine.

You can vary the next instruction depending on the person. Consistent pressure, more pressure or less if they have little strength, let them work for it a little but not too much.

That's right. Apply a gentle force of pressure on my hand.

Ask the subject to focus their eyes on one spot while using your hypnotic patter to build focus, for example:

Focus your eyes on that one spot... let all of your attention be drawn right there as you listen to the sound of my voice all the way...

Pull your hand to the side and during the shock/surprise say:


Immediately after, continue with a deepener, taking care to check their body/posture.

Deeper down, that's right. Let yourself sink all the way down into a wonderful feeling of relaxation...

The important thing at this point is to keep talking and immediately continue deepening the trance you have just created. You can add on any thing after this.


Extend your hand towards the subject, palm facing upwards.

Press on my hand.

As they are pressing down, have them close their eyes to focus on 2 tasks at once.

Close your eyes.

A few moments after their eyes are comfortably closed, suddenly remove your hand and speak in a clear, direct tone.

Sleep / drop!

Same as before, continue to a deepener.