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Breathing With The Eyes

This is a very simple induction that can be used for self-hypnosis or hypnotizing others. It combines a physical focus together with a breathing exercise where the link of closing eyes to relaxing is feels natural.

This combines a simple instruction with a breathing exercise and repetition. Most people go into trance quickly with this one, and encouraging words will help a lot.

When used as self hypnosis, it's a really nice way to prepare yourself for sleep or to help yourself focus before a task as it generally clears the mind quite effectively.

The focus on multiple tasks (eyes, breathing, relaxing) creates a nice physical, internal focus which allows the mind to enter trance.

As always, it's very helpful to use positive, constructive language when noticing any signs of trance. Complimenting the nice breathing, relaxing eyes, etc.


Example Script

Alright, in a moment I'm going to help you go into trance. To do this, I'd like you to do two simple things for me.

Whenever you open your eyes take a nice, deep comfortable breath in, almost rising up.
And when you breathe out, let your body and mind relax. Almost as if you're switching off for a moment.

Let's go ahead; breathe in and open your eyes. Very good.
And then breathe out, nice and slow, closing your eyes and feel your body relax as you let it all out.

That's right / Very good.

Once more, breathe in, and open.
Breathe out and relax.

When they are very close to trance, or not opening their eyes much anymore.

If you want, you can simply let your eyes remain closed and relax more with every breath.