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Breathing With The Eyes


Example Script

A very common and simple induction that can be used both as self-hypnosis and on others. It combines a physical focus together with a breathing exercise.

When doing self-hypnosis, it helps to tell yourself what you want to achieve before you start.

Breathe in and open your eyes.
All the way in.
Exhale, close your eyes. Feel your body relax as you exhale.
Breathe in, open your eyes. Aware again.
Breathe out, close and relax.

And repeat. The focus on multiple tasks (eyes, breathing, relaxing) will help your mind to focus on a simple task. This allows your mind to enter trance quite easily.

Most people drift into trance automatically and forget to open their eyes on breathing in again. Once this happens, a suggestion to go deeper on every exhale can be very nice.