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Cleanup and Reset

There are various ways to remove suggestions. Some people call this cleanup or reset files.

The purpose is to remove suggestions and/or effects. This can be done for temporary or more complex suggestions.

Basic steps

Ideally each of these are done in an empowering way, where the listener will understand that they don't need a session (or reset file) to do this. But they can do it themselves if they want to. And also that it's okay

  1. Give comfort in the sense that needing help is totally okay.
  2. Help someone notice that they have ownership of their mind.
  3. Help someone find where/how a suggestion is, even in their unconscious
  4. Describe a possible mechanism for them to remove a suggestion. - Cleaning a whiteboard, removing a file, silencing a sound, etc.

Cleanup/reset files

These are links to free hypnotic content by various creators in alphabetic creator order.

Remember to check the descriptions before you listen! They vary in intensity and content. Some are D/s while others are not.

Fiona Clearwater




Spoken by Elswyth


Example script

This is a transcript of Cleanup And Reset by Nimja, it can serve as a basis or inspiration for doing your own session or content.

This transcript is in the public domain: you can use, copy, re-record, and/or modify it without needing to give credit.

In this file, I'm going to explain what suggestions, triggers, and cleanup is.

I'm going to help you go into a very deep state of trance.

All the way down to your core.

Where you're able and going to find anything that is still stuck.

Or needs to be cleaned up.

Lastly, I'm going to give you some suggestions to aid in your subject agency.

And your ability to do this cleanup yourself whenever you want to.

So before I begin with the induction.

I'd like to tell you and remind you of what triggers, suggestions, and cleanup and reset is.

Triggers are a link between an action and a reaction.

From how you react to your own name or a word that can create sensations or certain behavior.

Suggestions are ideas or concepts given to you from the outside through any means.

And both are completely natural.

They build up over time; you can be absorbing them from various sources.

Some can be more intense than others.

They can be direct or indirect.

And regardless of how they are, it is generally a good idea to clean them up after a while.

To reset yourself.

To remove or let go or disconnect any of them.

That are still present or affecting you.

When you'd rather have something else.

Now that you've been listening for a while, I'm going to bring you into trance.

This is simpler than you think.

All you have to do is say yes a few times.

Do you think you can do that?

And every time that you answer yes or say yes after my sentence you're going to go deeper into trance, do you understand?

What's really nice is that while this is happening, you may also notice your body relaxing.

Starting all the way down.

It would be nice to relax, wouldn't it?

Each wave of relaxation, each moment of calm.

Can spread easier when you relax, doesn't it?

And the more you relax, the more you can allow yourself to feel it travelling through your body, the easier it is to respond, isn't it?

And the easier it is to respond, the more your body relaxes.

Spreading through your legs.

Your hips.

And travelling up as much as feels comfortable.

That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

You may even notice your own body, your own sound softening.

Relaxing more as you respond with every yes.

And maybe you even feel yourself naturally responding when you want to go deeper into trance, don't you?

Each step, deeper into trance, helps your body to relax even more.

It's nice, isn't it?

From your shoulders, drifting through your arms, all the way down.

You're allowed to let go, all right?

And with every wave, with every moment, with every breath that you let go.

It'll become easier and easier, doesn't it?

And finally, when it's time for your head to completely relax and join the test of your body.

All it takes is another yes, isn't it?

Feeling the weight, the calm, the softness spread.

Your body and mind wonderfully blank, aren't they?

And while you responded so nicely, I'm going to take you down all the way to the very core of yourself.

The place in your unconscious where you can easily explore who you are and find any part of you that you wish to clean up.

Would you like to go deeper?

Would you like every yes to take you even deeper?

Would you like to fall even further in trance?

Dropping deep into that state without thinking.

Letting yourself drift ever deeper.

And it's really good to clear your mind every now and then.

To clean it up.

And let things drift and disconnect if they need to.

And now as you're really wonderfully drifting deeper.

It is time to find the things that you want to change.

Down here in the core, things may not have a clear shape.

But they have a meaning, something that is deeply meaningful to you.

And your unconscious.

And in a moment I'm going to ask you to find the parts of you, the triggers, suggestions, connections that you would like to clean up.

And this is different for everyone.

Some people imagine symbols that they can write on a board to clean up and erase later.

Some express it in sound.

Finding the dissonance among the rest.

It could even be a smell or a texture, a grain of sand on a smooth surface.

It can be all kinds of things.

And your mind can find where it is.

You don't even need to know exactly what it is.

As your unconscious can naturally guide you to the right place, the right feeling, sight, sound.

Deep inside we tend to have a good way of telling which things are right or correct.

And anything you find that doesn't belong or should be shifted.

You can bring those finds, those symbols, smells, sounds, sensations.

Into the conscious mind where we're going to deal with them in a moment.

They hold no power over you in the conscious mind.

There you can disconnect them from their previous behavior.

And while I'm talking you can consciously or unconsciously let this happen however you want.

At any speed that you want.

And while you're seeking deep inside finding the things that you wish to change, to clean up and reset.

I'm just going to talk about helping you go deeper into trance.

With every yes, you fell so deep before.

Even this yes can help you to drift deeper.

A simple drop, a fall and trance.

As your unconscious is finding all the things.

All the symbols, the smells, the sounds, the sights, the sensations that you would like to clean up and reset.

And what's really nice is that every time you do this it becomes easier.

Every time that you take a moment to clean up and reset.

It will get more easy.

More comfortable, more convenient.

And you don't even need to be aware of what you're going to remove consciously.

Your unconscious is beautifully capable of helping you automatically.

And as you become more aware of the things that you'd like to clean up and reset.

The less they affect you.

As you're bringing them into your conscious mind.

They become found.

Anything that tried to hide is now revealed.

Anything that you wanted to modify is yours to modify.

And it can feel really nice to clean up and reset and let your head become less busy.

Down here.

You have all the power in the world.

With the suggestion and the thoughts, you are able to clean away and disconnect any links that you want.

Now in a moment, I'm going to wake you back up again.

However, before I do this, you can go a little deeper while I'd like to help you remember the ideas that I've presented here.

The ways you can find and detect and clean up any suggestion, trigger or otherwise, by yourself.

Improving your ability to have your subject agency both in and out of trance.

Because good agency is a healthy part of being a hypnotic subject.

The more able you are to speak up, the better you will be understood.

And being able to reject suggestions, or alter them as needed, will help you to be a better subject and better express your wants and needs, your likes and limits.

It's also nice to know that you can listen to this again if you want to.

Every cycle, every repeat, will become more effective.

As you learn how to find those things.

Bring them into your conscious mind so they can be disconnected.

And as you take a moment, now that you have all of those things, allow yourself to brush them away, to wipe them from the board, to silence those sounds.

Very good.

And the quiet that remains, the clean blankness.

Will also help you to clean up and reset yourself if you ever need to again.

I hope you will retain and learn from the ideas and the concepts that I've presented here.

Use, modify, expand on them however you like.

Your mind is your responsibility.

And you're able to protect it.

Thank you for listening.

And for taking good care of yourself.


Two... slowly waking.


Four... more aware.


Six... almost there.


Eight... almost awake.

And nine

Ten... wake!

Thank you.