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Restraints and Inductions

Using the principle of Effects Before Trance, this page will mention both using hypnosis to restrain someone and using restraints to cause hypnosis.

  1. Restraining with hypnosis

Since catalepsy is a common effect of trance, this can be used in various ways to restrain someone from physical movement. The idea that some hypnotic rope or shackles is holding you back can give a more clear meaning behind "why" your arms or legs are not moving.

A few suggestions you can use:

  1. Physical restraints leading into trance

The fact that someone is restrained can be comfortable. Since there is no option to move, the things that need doing or weighing on the mind, cannot be done. If they cannot be done, they might as well be let go. In a lot of people this can create a very trance-like state.

Some common restraints